Aaron Shragge and Innocent when you dream present The Music of Tom Waits

So., 21. Mai 2017

Aaron Shragge – Trumpet/Shakuhachi
Jonathan Lindhorst – Tenor Saxophone
Alexander Maksymiw – Guitar
Sly Juhas – Drums
Dan Fortin – Bass

©2014 Erika Kapin Photography

Interpreting the music of Tom Waits, Innocent When You Dream dives deep into the diverse collection of Waits‘ material, exploring the colors and tonality of his distinct lyricism, through unique instrumentation and arrangements. The new album, Dirt in the Ground, covers a wide period of Waits‘ career and includes such songs as „In the Neighborhood“, „Ol ’55“ and „Down in The Hole“. Aaron himself graduated from the distinguished New School Jazz Program and furthered his education receiving a masters from NYU. Having collaborated with such notable musical as Dave Douglas, Ben Monder, and William Parker, Shragge has performed at notable festivals, The Montreal International Jazz Festival, L’Off Jazz Festival and the Festival of New Trumpet Music.

Innocent When You Dream brings a new element to Waits‘ music while remaining true to its essence. The quintet interprets Waits‘ stylistically diverse repertoire by creating instrumental versions of his most memorable songs. Using lyrical content and mood as the starting point for exploration, the band moves beyond the realm of covers creating a distinctive sound that draws from Jazz, rock, blues, World music and the avant-garde. The quintet has performed in NY area, LA and has been featured at notable Jazz clubs: The B-Flat (Berlin),