About us

We are an institution of collectors who take care of „good music.“ We collect music in all forms of audio (vinyl, cassettes, tapes, cd’s) and visual (videos, 8mm-films, dvd’s) material, as well as music scores, fanzines, magazines, posters, books, photos, programs, tickets and all other memorabilia.

We take care of different music styles including: Jazz, Blues, Avant-garde, Rhythm ’n Blues, British Blues, Rock, Rock`n`Roll, Krautrock, Soul, Funk, Beat, Electronic Music, Psychadelic, Progressive Rock and we are always open minded to other forms of great music.

A special interest is in music of the Ruhrgebiet, i.e. music developed in this region of Germany. 
Mainly we collect the above mentioned music styles, but also regional music of coalminers, bands/choirs, accordeon, bandoneon- and harp- groups, even solo artists, workermen’s choirs and singer/songwriters. Others fields of interest are sounds of industry, machines, work and lots more.
We are always trying to get in contact with other collectors and music enthusiasts of the Ruhrgebiet who support us or want to work with us. 
Maybe you can send us lists of your stocks/titles. It’s interesting to know what still exists to complete our archival work.
So, if you own a collection or know someone who is interested in giving us their collection feel free to contact us.
We want to open our collections worldwide.
Everyone interested in music, including students in schools should have access to our archive.
We are building a center of information. Not just another library but further more a center of music information flow with different facets.
In the future we will offer exhibitions, seminars, workshops, readings, different kinds of music events and other activities. All updates will be on our website.